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If you are a clinician, a small company or an academic researcher developing new medical devices or applications, this free tool helps you identify where you are in your 'innovation journey'

  • What further work is required to move your innovation forward
  • Who might be able to give you support or funding

The tool is designed for those involved in researching and developing new medical devices or applications rather than the biopharma sector..

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Bring an idea to market is a long road. We have illustrated a guide to give you some context about the different stages that are typically involved.

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Some background

The innovation ‘pipeline’ for healthcare technology is often seen as a journey embracing a series of stages – invention, evaluation, adoption and diffusion. In practice these stages are neither discrete nor linear. There is overlap and feedback between them and for many new products the journey from initial concept to diffusion may not take the form of a neat pathway.

Supporting new healthcare technologies through this innovation journey is an important part of government policy, both to ensure evidence-based new ideas are taken up within the NHS and to stimulate the UK’s medical technology sector.

But the healthcare innovation landscape is hard to navigate. There are at least 30 overlapping organisations and funding programmes that provide support across all the key stages of the innovation journey. These range from the Research Councils which provide funding for basic research to organisations such as AHSNs, AHSCs and CLAHRCs designed to support adoption and diffusion.

All these organisations and sources of funding are tasked with helping to bring new ideas to mainstream use within the NHS. For developers of new healthcare technology products where to turn for support can be confusing.